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4 Easy At-Home Workouts to Boost Your Health Scorecard

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Staying at home offers the chance to try out new health and wellness activities that stimulate your brain's creative center and add variety to your fitness routine. Check out these four fabulous at-home workout options that help boost your mind-body health.

Jump Rope

According to WebMD, you'd need to run an 8-minute mile to burn more calories than jumping rope for the same amount of time, and it's a great activity to improve cardiovascular health.

It's best to start by practicing arm swings and foot moves separately and do your jumping on an impact mat or wood surface for optimal safety.

To get started, take a look at Dr. Phoenyx's 6-minute Jump Rope Workout for beginners, and then try the more advanced fat-burning exercises in the video below. You can even get crafty and make your own jump rope!


Dance has been shown to decrease the risk of debilitating health issues and increase people's ability to adapt to change. It's likely so good for you because it develops your body's endurance, strengthens core muscles, and utilizes both sides of your brain to help improve overall focus and coordination.

Need some good moves? The Rockettes stream a free live dance class every Thursday at noon on Instagram. You can also try this list of free online dance lessons that include Freestyle, Ballroom, Hip Hop, and seven other fun varieties.


Yoga provides some amazing health benefits, such as boosting your immune system, regulating