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Welcome to The Holistic Health and Wellness Coop!

Businesses That  Help Grow Your Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness


1. All the Businesses are Listed by Alphabetically by Category First, and Then Alphabetically Under Each Category.

2. Each Business Lists a Free Offer That You Can Use to Help Elevate Your Physical, Mental, Spiritual, or Financial Health.

3. Take a Look at Each Business Website That's Linked in their Company Description to Find the Latest Deals on their Products & Services to Help Uplift Your Health. There's also Opportunites to Give to Local Community Organizations. 

4. Interested in Joining the Health and Wellness Coop? Just Click on the Link to Join the Promote Your Health and Wellness Business Facebook Group and Send the Admin a Message that You're Interested - It's Free Once You're Approved!


Enjoy Empowering Your Health - Naturally!



Animal Rescue
Rescue Rebels
Our nonprofit by Cash for Canines, Inc. was founded in May 2015 by me, Jennifer Martin Sorrentino, to save dogs that are left abandoned in shelters, surrendered by their owners, and those that are abused and neglected. We rescue them, give them the care they need, and find them loving forever homes. Contact us today if you are a shelter or individual who needs free assistance to rescue an animal. You can also support our canine community by clicking on the following unique links to shop: click here to make Amazon purchaseshere for coffee at 'Grounds and Hounds', or here to shop at over 2,200 stores using iGive
Arts and Crafts
Writing a Healthy Life

Hi, I'm Kirstie and I'm a professional digital and technical writer. My full line of Professional Writing and Editing Services are aimed at guiding you and your wellness business into vibrant financial health. Receive a free web page edit by filling out my Contact Form and mentioning the 'Holistic Health and Wellness Coop'.

Chiropractic Care
Community Organizations
The Village of SC
If you are experiencing houselessness in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, a new village is opening in 2022 with safe, semi-private bedroom quarters, storage facilities, and shuttle services available. Contact Denise Tolbert and the team to learn about joining the street sleepers group and pre-registering for a sleeping room at the new village. You can also request information on their educational, job, and empowerment programs. If you'd like to be an ally,  consider volunteering or becoming a partner in housing and employing community members. 
Diet & Detoxification
Earth Elements – Stone and Crystal Products
Environmental Services
Essential Oils
doTerra Essential Oils ~ Cary Ouellette

Did you know that using essential oils is a powerful way to lift your mood, overcome seasonal discomfort, support emotional health, strengthen your immune system, purify the air in your environment, encourage mental clarity, improve focus, and relieve stress? They're even used as a natural alternative to synthetic beauty and cleaning products and are safe for use on babies, children, and animals. These beautiful gifts of the earth are something you will forever be happy that you took the time to learn about. My name is Cary Ouellette and I would love to guide you on this journey. Fill out this form for a FREE SAMPLE of an essential oil + a free class. 

Healing Arts
Healing Services
Learner Vegan
Don’t have time for healthy meals that involve 20 ingredients and take 45 minutes to arrange? I'm Katy E. Malkin - a busy Mom of two kids, a business owner, and a vegan for the last seven years. I learned through trial and error the smoothest ways to transition from unhealthy food hangovers to a nourishing vegan diet. I created a FREE Action Plan: From Junk Foodie to Nourished Vegan to get you started on managing this shift more easily. You can also head over to my free 'easy vegan recipes' blog, and contact me for some valuable 1:1 personal coaching.  
Healthy Living
Integrative Medicine
Life Coaching
Danelle Kreps Life Coaching
My name is Danelle Kreps and I'm both a Certified Life Coach and Functional Nutrition Coach. My business focuses on whole-body wellness of your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Enjoy 1 free Nutrition or Life Coaching coaching session to get you started on the road to a happier, healthier you. Just fill out my contact form on my coaching page and mention The Holistic Health and Wellness Coop for your free session.  I also provide a free consultation to all my clients. 
Mental Health Services
Natural Health
Kristi Ryan Holistic Nutrition
Hi, my name is Kristi Ryan and I am a certified holistic nutrition coach helping busy, ambitious women to have more energy, better moods and healthier lives. I created this FREE guide with steps I teach my clients to have more energy: 5 Days to More Energy Guide.
Organic and Non-GMO Products
Organic and Non-GMO Supplements
Plant-based Medicine
Social Services
Tai Chi

Tai Chi On Demand

My name is Malcolm Savannah and I'm a Tai Chi Master offering both online and in-person instruction for individuals and corporations.  I specialize in assisting you with sleeping problems, stress, anxiety, depression, asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, back problems, headaches, & migraines. Enjoy Balancing Your Energy by following along with my FREE 7-Minute '5 Elements' Routine!





















Innov8 Yoga & Pilates

Hello, I'm Emma Barwise and I'm a YMCA-certified level 3 Yoga and Pilates Teacher offering energizing online or in-person classes. The bonus? I'm also a Sports Massage Therapist with an emphasis on postural realignment to help you balance your body. Enjoy my FREE CLASS PASS (it's the hot pink option) that can be used for one yoga or pilates session of your choice.



Note: All applicable FDA and Medical Disclaimers + Regulations apply to the products and services listed on this page, including but not limited to:

The FDA homeopathic products disclaimer

The FDA Cannabis and Cannabis-derived products regulations

In addition, the health and wellness information listed on this page is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should seek the advice of your medical practitioner if you are experiencing any health issues.

You can find additional disclaimers for this website here and here.

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