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Documenting the day-to-day operations that make your wellness business thrive. 

Human Resource Forms

Supporting Your Staff

Do you need a custom onboarding checklist to help facilitate new staff or contractor hiring? How about a list of company benefits with links to pertinent sign up locations?


I ENCOURAGE SMALL BUSINESSES TO USE THIS LIST OF FREE HR TEMPLATES from 'When I Work'. Then, CONTACT ME if your company needs custom, branded forms, including:

  • Wellness Training Checklists

  • Workplace Professionalism Standards 

  • Healthcare and Benefits Forms

  • Office Supply & Management Policies

Coaching Manuals

In-depth Guidance 

A GOOD COACHING MANUAL combines your overarching mission and unique selling point(s), details about your products and services, industry research, and strategies that assist your staff in supporting and teaching your clients about the benefits of using your business. It's the jack-of-all trades of business documentation.


Your team can use your branded Coaching Manual to TRANSLATE COMPANY DATA INTO ACTIONABLE RESULTS for your sales teams. I'll help you create a document aimed at increasing employee success, bolstering client trust, and empowering organic company growth.

Instructional Guides

Quick Reference

In contrast to multilayered Coaching Manuals,  Instructional Guides provide a quick set of instructions for everyday tasks, such as running the cash register or adding products to your online store. They are often referenced in SOPs,  or hung on the wall in home offices and physical stores to make the step-by-step actions needed to perform daily tasks easily accessible. 


Not sure what Instructional Guides would best fit your business? Try checking your current post-its and to-do lists, then contact me to organize this information into professional, easy-to-follow instructions that you can be posted online - or anywhere you do business.


Capturing the Imagination

PRESENTATION SLIDES provide an eye-catching focal point for your audience, and offer highlight reels to captures viewers attention. The essence of key aspects of your unique services and solutions, surrounded by beautiful branding, can turn a regular  Monday meeting into an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE THAT CAPTURES THE IMAGINATION. 

Whether you have an upcoming digital sales event, an important fundingraising meeting, or an opportunity to position your products and services for sale with a successful retail chain, PRESENTATION SLIDES CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Writing a Healthy Life Sample Form
Spices in Moroccan Market

1001 Arabian Spices

MARKET Presentation

Writing a Healthy Life Sample
Instructional Guide
Writing a Healthy Life
Sample Presentation


  • Presentation slides are $35 for up to 4 slides, and $7 for each additional slide. 

  • Instructional Guides and Coaching Manuals are 0.10 a word. They include: 

    • A Title Page​ 

    • A Table of Contents, if applicable

    • Document formatting

    • 508 compliance

    • Insertion of client-supplied process maps, pictures, videos, and infographics. I can also create infographics for you a la carte.

Want to hear more before booking? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

Helping Your Wellness Business Thrive

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