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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

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"My goal is to help you and your clients grow and prosper by creating Digital Content that highlights your unique selling points and Human Resources Content to organize and grow your business. The aim is to help you, your customers, and your communities thrive." ~ 

Kirstie Ganobsik


Focusing On the Following Industries:

Health and Wellness 

Wellness Travel and Ecotravel

Community and Social Support Services

Real Estate Community Highlights and Events

Human Resources Documentation

My Content Creation, Marketing, & Customer Services:

1. Provide you with the core documents to train your employees, market successfully, gain financial backing, grow your sales, and organize your day-to-day tasks, including: 



Product Descriptions

Custom Landing Pages

Social Media Marketing

Email Campaigns





Standard Operating Procedures

Web Content & Marketing Assistance

And More

2. Center the unique selling points of your products and services

3. Showcase your positive impact on the customers and communities you serve through content that includes the following topics:

Plant-Based Medicine


Sustainable Living Practices

Fair Trade Practices

Fitness Programs

Healing Arts Programs

Area Cultural Highlights

Mind-Body Connections

Diet and Detoxification

And More

4. Help your clients overcome many of the underlying causes of today's leading chronic conditions with content creation that's based on natural & scientifically proven diet, exercise, and lifestyle practices


5. Empower your clients to use your products & services to better manage & heal from:

Heart Disease


Alzheimer's Disease






High Blood Pressure

Chronic Pain


Parkinson's Disease


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Autoimmune Disease

Mental Health Issues


Low Self-Esteem

And More

Meet Kirstie


I'm a content and technical writer with a passion for holistic health and wellness that’s inspired by my own Celiac Disease diagnosis nearly a decade ago,  troubling cancer and food allergy diagnoses in my family, and research into using food as medicine to help create thriving mind-body health.


Today, I use the knowledge I gained on my wellness journey to empower businesses and individuals alike through the creation, editing, rewriting, proofreading, and formatting of digital wellness content and business documentation. I also offer free health and wellness resources for those seeking to grow their understanding of holistic healthcare.


You can view my Portfolio for a snapshot of my digital work, and my Resume for professional experience.


  • Hubspot Digital Marketing

  • Ayurveda Basics 6-Week Course

Content Creation, Editing, Rewriting, Proofreading,  Marketing, & Customer Service 

Blog articles, website projects, infographics, business documentation, e-books,  product descriptions, social media, presentations, landing pages - plus marketing, customer service, and more. Aimed at showcasing your Unique Selling Points, supporting your customers' wellness needs, and improving your SEO ranking.

Medically-Sourced Articles, Recipes, & the Latest Healthcare Tips 


Content created to assist you in boosting health, reducing stress, elevating self-esteem, living with authentic social purpose, and integrating the most effective exercise techniques into your daily life for thriving mind-body-spirit health.

Launching Feb 14 2021