Your budget is $2,500 and can be used for:


  • HR and Other Forms: $20 for up to two pages, then $10 for each additional page
  • Presentations and Basic Digital Portfolios: $20 for up to four slides, then $5 for each additional slide
  • In-depth Digital Portfolios: $20 for up to two informational photos, then $10 for each additional photo
  • SOPs, Coaching Manuals, Reports, and Instructional Manuals: 0.10/word


If you are requesting multiple documents, we can create a contract with delivery dates for each item.


The great news is that you can also change directions completely if need be, and use your business documentation credit towards our website packages, blog post content, editing services, e-book creation, or a service plan. Just reach out to us and we’ll create a custom price for you that takes into account what you’ve already paid.


We look forward to working with you.



Business Documentation 9.0

  • Once you make your business documentation purchase, you will receive an email* with information about when to expect your completed document(s), how to contact us to discuss the details (if not previously in contact), your preferred delivery method (email or digital), and what to expect from the writing process. *BE SURE TO INCLUDE A WORKING EMAIL DURING THE CHECKOUT PROCESS