***You will receive 2 documents that address 2 distinct audiences. We convert the blog post into a coaching manual, HR guide, presentation, or other business document. Please reach out to kirstie@writingahealthylife.com before purchasing if you have any questions.

4 Key Benefits of a 3000-3500 Word Blog Post

  • Two Unique Audiences: Your blog post is converted into a business document that addresses a second audience of internal team members or select clientele. This provides you with enormous value for your investment, and is a wise content marketing strategy because it helps ensure continuity across your business communication channels.
  • Foremost Digital Guide: A blog post with a number of reputable sources can become an online resource for those seeking to understand more about a topic that affects their lives, and the right quality piece may become widely cited by researchers. This can help you generate more external links to bring additional customers to your website, and catapult your business into an industry leader.
  • Eye-Catching Elements: Up to 6 videos, pictures, memes, product widgets, banners, and even e-books you created can all be inserted into your blog post at no extra charge, plus we create ONE FREE INFOGRAPHIC for you, and 2 CHARTs OR GRAPHS highlighting detailed article content.
  • Showcase Your Unique Selling Point (USP): With over 3000 words to work with, this article can serve as your featured post, and even its own page on your website menu. Use it to give your customers an in-depth look at what you do every day to help make their lives better. We’ll also feature your blog post on our Pinterest group board ‘Entrepreneurs with Heart’, with over 1.3K followers.


We look forward to working with you.




Blog Post+Business Doc~Free Infographic+2 Charts or Graphs+Featured on Pinterest

  • Once you make your blog post purchase, you will receive an email* with all the information about when to expect your completed blog post, how to contact us to discuss the topic you'd like written (if not previously in contact), your preferred delivery method (email or direct entry onto your website blog page), and what to expect from the writing process. *BE SURE TO INCLUDE A WORKING EMAIL DURING THE CHECKOUT PROCESS


    You can also check the Blog Posts page FAQs section before purchasing, or contact us through the online form or at kirstie@writingahealthylife.com.


    Your first blog post purchase also includes help with set up of your website blog, if needed.