Here's how it works:

You use your $250 budget how you see fit.


  • New content is .10/word. This includes new page content and major rewrites, product and service descriptions, blog posts, branding/major rebranding, and new google and seo descriptions. It also includes one round of edits after we discuss and agree to a basic premise. 
  • Everything else is $16.00/hr. This includes basic rewrites of existing content, basic rewrites of page and product SEO, copyeditingadding design elements, adding social media accounts for promotion of your products/services, adding stores and products, basic rebranding (for instance, some rebranding is just the same content that's rewritten for a new audience), and diagnostics such as broken links, continuity of information across pages, and missing products from collections.




  • The 2-day immersion isn't the time it takes to complete your website from the day you book. We need to get you on the schedule, find out what you need, and then we'll give you an estimated timeline to finish. If you need content in a hurry, contact before booking to find out what's possible based on our current bookings.
  • We are not technical website designers, but instead can add creative elements, professional content, new pages and products, and engaging fonts, colors, and flow to your existing website.  


We look forward to working with you.



2-Day Immersion Package~Great to Kickstart Your Website~Budget Friendly

  • Once you make your website package purchase, you will receive an email* with information about your delivery timeline, how to contact us to discuss your website priorities (if not previously in contact), your budget options, and what to expect from the writing process. *BE SURE TO INCLUDE A WORKING EMAIL DURING THE CHECKOUT PROCESS