Documenting the day-to-day operations that make your wellness business thrive. 

Standard Operating Procedures

Productivity Flow

WE UNDERSTAND that detailing staff and contractor job role responsibilities, administrative processes, and step-by-step training procedures may not be the most exciting part of your day, yet it can help streamline processes to SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY.


In fact, having Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place assists you with keeping track of performance, delegating tasks more quickly, and determining any areas where your processes aren't flowing as smoothly as they could be. 


We provide a personal touch when crafting your SOPs, by meeting with you to gather information about each job role, administrative process, and training or compliance procedure you'd like documented. We then translate applicable industry standards, departmental guidelines, and company policies into an SOP that includes:

  • A custom template with title page, company branding, and color scheme OR

  • A template built-in to one of your systems, if you'd prefer

  • A forward about your company's vision, mission statement, and history that you can use in future documents

  • An introduction to the topic, including departmental structure and supervisory information 

  • Procedural steps organized by task and job role

  • Delineated sections with links to relevant Work Forms, Databases, and Useful Resources

  • Acronyms, Definitions, Teams and Departments, and Job Role sections 

  • Tables to help organize information, when applicable

  • Section 508 Compliance 

Product Portfolios

Highlighting the Heart of Your Business

Whether your aim is to showcase your products and services for customers, staff, contractors, or B2B clients, having a well-organized product portfolio is at the center of any sales success. With Product Portfolios, you can quickly access information during a sales call or meeting, provide copied handouts at trade shows, and add it to your digital space.


We can assist in creating:

  • Portfolios Showcasing Your Full Line of Products and Services

  • Collection, Class, or Membership Group Galleries

  • Individual Product and Service Spotlights 

Human Resource Forms

Supporting Your Staff

Do you need a custom onboarding checklist to help facilitate new staff or contractor hiring? How about a list of company benefits with links to pertinent sign up locations?


WE ENCOURAGE SMALL BUSINESSES TO USE THIS LIST OF FREE HR TEMPLATES from When I Work first. Then, CONTACT US if you need help filling in content for your forms, or require documents custom tailored to your unique company needs, including:

  • Wellness Training Checklists

  • Workplace Professionalism Standards 

  • Healthcare and Benefits Forms

  • Office Supply & Management Policies

Coaching Manuals

In-depth Guidance 

A GOOD COACHING MANUAL combines your overarching mission and unique selling point(s), details about your products and services, industry research, and strategies that assist your staff in supporting and teaching your clients about the benefits of using your business. It's the jack-of-all trades of business documentation.


Your team can use your branded Coaching Manual to TRANSLATE COMPANY DATA INTO ACTIONABLE RESULTS for your customers. We'll help you create a document aimed at increasing employee expertise, bolstering client success, and empowering organic company growth.


Connecting All the Dots

Sales numbers, productivity rates, quality assurance benchmarks, and service excellence might be measured by customer feedback forms, gross profit margins, database tracking, and client loyalty rates. Organizing this information into cohesive reports helps ensure that the overarching message about YOUR COMPANY'S OPERATIONAL HEALTH is clear.


For example, a sales report that reveals your numbers skyrocketed during a two week period in March can be compared against your marketing and productivity reports during that same time period. This assists you in making critical decisions, finding common denominators, and moving forward strategically.

Instructional Guides

Quick Reference

In contrast to multilayered Coaching Manuals and SOPs, Instructional Guides provide a quick set of instructions for everyday tasks, such as running the cash register or adding products to your online store. They are often referenced in SOPs,  or hung on the wall in home offices and physical stores to make the step-by-step actions needed to perform daily tasks easily accessible. 


Not sure what Instructional Guides would best fit your business? Try checking your current post-its and to-do lists, then contact us to organize this information into professional, easy-to-follow instructions that you can be posted online - or anywhere you do business.


Capturing the Imagination

PRESENTATION SLIDES provide an eye-catching focal point for your audience, and offer highlight reels to captures viewers attention. The essence of key aspects of your unique services and solutions, surrounded by beautiful branding, can turn a regular  Monday meeting into an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE THAT CAPTURES THE IMAGINATION. 

Whether you have an upcoming digital sales event, an important funding meeting, or an opportunity to position your products and services for sale with a successful retail chain, PRESENTATION SLIDES CAN BE THE YING TO YOUR YANG.

Spices in Moroccan Market

1001 Arabian Spices

MARKET Presentation

Hot Stone Massage
Outdoor Nature Massage
Couples Massage
Sports & Deep Tissue Massage
Bamboo Stick Massage
Himalayan Salt Massage

Standard Operating Procedure: Blog Management

Standard Operating Procedure:Website


Standard Operating Procedure: Social Media Promotion

Standard Operating Procedure: Design Graphics 


We offer several pricing options to help you cover all the costs of your business documentation. The great news is your purchase can also be used towards any of our blog posts, website packages, editing servicese-books, and service plans. Here's how it works:

  • Forms are $20 for up to two pages, and $10 a page after that.

  • Presentation slides are $20 for up to 4 slides, and $5 a slide after that. Basic digital portfolios are the same price.

  • Digital portfolios requiring more extensive content research are $20 for up to 2 per informational photos, and $10 a photo after that.  

  • All other documents, including SOPs, Reports, Instructional Guides, and Coaching Manuals, are 0.10 a word. They include: 

    • A Title Page​ 

    • A Table of Contents, if applicable

    • Document formatting

    • 508 compliance

    • Insertion or creation of tables, graphs, and charts. We typically limit this to no more than one per written page, but are flexible.

    • Insertion of client-supplied process maps and infographics. We can also create infographics for you a la carte.

For larger content orders, we'll create a contract with you that includes a timeline for completing your deliverables. 

1. Choose Your Price.

2. Tell Us What Document(s) You Need.

3. We Get to Work.

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Need a different pricing option?

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